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POLICY NO. 1 – District Officers and Committees

  1. In accordance with the District By-Laws, the Chairman of the District 3 Board shall be the District Director.
  2. The offices of Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be held by the three Section most recent Past Presidents.  Each office shall be held by the same Section during the term of the District Director (3 years).  The office rotation shall be as follows:
  1. The following District Committees shall be permanent committees:
    1. By-Laws/Policy Committee
    2. Technical
    3. Membership
    4. Audit
    5. Annual Meeting
  2. The By-Laws/Policy Committee shall be the three Section Past Presidents.  The District Chairman shall appoint one to serve as Committee Chairman.
  3. The District Technical Committee shall be the three Section Technical Committee Chairmen.  The Technical Committee chairman from the Section hosting the annual meeting shall serve as chairman of the District Technical Committee.  In addition, the President from the host Section shall serve as the liaison between the District Board and the Technical Committee.
  4. The Membership Admissions and Transfer Committee shall be appointed by the District Chairman with the approval of the District Board.  There shall be, as a minimum, one member from each Section.   A chairman shall be appointed by the District Chairman.  In addition, the President of the    Section where the chairman of the Committee is a member shall serve as the liaison between the District Board and the Committee.
  5. The Audit Committee shall be the three Section Treasurers plus a fourth person appointed by the District Chairman with approval of the District Board.  The fourth person shall be the chairman of the Audit Committee and, if possible, shall be a previous District Treasurer from the same Section as the current District Treasurer.  The current and incoming District Treasurers shall be ineligible to serve on the Audit Committee, although the current Treasurer shall serve as liaison between the Committee and the District Board
  6. The Annual Meeting Committee shall be appointed by the District Chairman with consultation from the host Section.  The General Chairman of the annual meeting shall serve as chairman of the Committee.  In addition, the President of the host Section shall serve as liaison between the Committee and the District Board.
  7. Other committees may be appointed to fulfill a specific need.
  8. The Chairman shall appoint a District Administrator, to serve a minimum of 2 years.  It is preferred that the Administrator will have previously served on the District Board.   Responsibilities shall include: Board meeting attendance; periodic check of Board and Committee responsibilities; coordination between the Board and the Annual Meeting organizers; store District records; and assist the Chairman as needed.  The District Administrator shall receive reimbursement for expenses per Policies No. 6 and 7.

Approved:        March 25, 1983
Approved:        October 6, 1983
Approved:        March 23, 1990
Approved:        June 21, 1991   
Amended:         November 28, 2011

POLICY NO. 2 – POLICIES – Review & Publication

All policies adopted by the District 3 Board shall be published in written form, numbered and dated.  Copies of these policies shall be furnished to all members of the Board and reviewed at least once each year at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.  Any proposed updating or revisions shall be assigned to By-Laws/Policy Committee for review and resubmission to the Board for approval.

Approved:        March 25, 1983
Amended:         June 21, 1991

POLICY NO. 3 – District 3 Annual Meeting

  1. Article VI, Section 6.1 of District 3, I.T.E. By-Laws direct that the District 3 Annual Meeting be held once per calendar year and not in conflict with any Section Meeting.  The host and location of the District 3 I.T.E. Annual Meeting shall be rotated through the Sections of the District (Ohio, Michigan and Indiana).  The Annual Meeting normally consists of a two day technical meeting, beginning with Thursday afternoon technical sessions, including the annual business meeting as the last afternoon session, and a social hour preceding a dinner (banquet) Thursday evening.  The technical program continues Friday morning and ends at noon.  The District Board will normally meet Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.
  2. The District Director shall extend an invitation to the President of the International I.T.E. to attend the District 3 Annual Meeting, with time provided for him to offer remarks at the Business Meeting and Banquet as appropriate.
  3. Persons registering to attend the District 3 Annual Meeting who fail to give advance notice of cancellation, as specified in the meeting notice, may be billed for the balance of their Annual Meeting fee.
  4. The following guidelines are based on past experience and should be followed in making arrangements for this meeting unless changes are granted by the District Director:
    1. During the second (summer) District 3 Board Meeting, the Board shall determine approximate dates when the following year’s Annual Meeting will be held.  The District 3 Director will request the host Section to select a General Chairman and meeting location and furnish the District Director with this information within two months after this meeting (summer).  The General Chairman shall form a Local Arrangements Committee and select a hotel facility for the meeting as soon as practical.
    2. At the District’s Annual Board meeting (fall), the General Chairman (for next year’s meeting) shall present the specific hotel facility with alternative dates and preliminary meeting costs to the Board for their review.  These dates and costs will be finalized at this meeting.
    3. The lowest room rates (usually the government rate with a common rate for single/double occupancy) and a meeting room for 60-80 persons are negotiated.  The meeting room and a room for the General Chairman are normally complimentary if 20 hotel rooms are taken.  A meeting room for 10 persons for the District Board meeting Thursday  morning shall be included in the negotiations.
    4. A separate room to provide equipment displays may be desired by vendors within the District, if agreeable, with the host Section, to provided equipment displays.  Costs for this room and any other associated costs shall be borne by the vendors.
    5. To encourage membership participation, cost for the Annual Meeting should be kept to a minimum.  To provide for social and networking activities, the Annual Meeting should include two coffee breaks, a dinner banquet and continental breakfast the second morning.  Care should be taken to minimize guarantees to hotels wherever possible, particularly for number of guest rooms and group meal attendees.  The registration fee is intended to cover all costs for the meeting which is to be self supporting.
    6. Program planning should include defining visual aid equipment needs and costs and whether “outside equipment can be brought into the hotel without service charges.
    7. The District Technical Committee shall attend the First District Board meeting of the next year to develop and finalize the Technical Program for the Annual Meeting.  The District Director shall notify each Section Technical Chairman (District Technical Committee) sufficiently in advance of this meeting to inform each of the obligation to attend the meeting.  The Section Technical Chairman of the host Section is Chairman of the District Technical Committee.
    8. A Preliminary Meeting Announcement with dates, location and general technical program information should be sent out 3 to 4 months in advance of the meeting.  Sufficient copies of the announcement may be sent to each of the Sections for their mailing and/or newsletter announcements to minimize costs.
    9. Once local arrangements and the technical program are finalized, a meeting announcement listing hotel room costs and direct hotel reservation information, registration fee, technical program with speakers, and a map shall be mailed out to all District 3 members at least two (2) months in advance of the meeting by the host Section, with costs reimbursed from District funds.  A lower registration fee should be offered if reservations are made by a specified cutoff date with higher registration fees after the date.  Also, include notice of registration fee billing for members failing to cancel reservations prior to the meeting.  A reduced meeting registration fee shall be made available for student members to encourage their attendance, and shall be listed in the meeting announcement.  Student registration fee should be 50 to 75 percent of the normal advance registration fee.
    10. Local technical and/or social tours are encouraged to be held in conjunction with the District 3 Annual Meeting.  They may be offered as a formal part of the meeting program or as a separate function.  Handout or mailout material should be provided.
    11. The General Chairman should maintain close liaison with the hotel throughout his tenure in order to assure that arrangements agreed upon are sustained and that the meeting will be successful with a minimum of late notice of any changes or cost modifications.
    12. At least a two person staff should handle registrations at the meeting.  Items available should include receipt forms, name tags, marker pens and a list or pamphlets of nearby restaurants or other activities in the host city that may be of interest to members attending the meeting.
    13. At the end of the Annual Meeting (Friday noon), the General Chairman and Local Arrangements Committee shall meet with the next year’s General Chairman and Local Arrangements Committee to document and pass on first hand knowledge gained from the meeting and to offer any helpful advice that will assure that the next year’s meeting will be a success.  Within two months following the Annual Meeting, the General Chairman shall prepare and submit a written Annual Meeting report to the District Director listing meeting receipts, expenses, number of attendees, a meeting critique including any proposed modifications to this policy.  A copy of the report shall be forwarded to next year’s General Chairman for his reference.

      Approved:        March 25, 1983
      Amended:         April 15, 1988
      Amended:         April 25, 1997


  1. The District Director shall attend at least one meeting of each Section, annually.

Approved:        March 25, 1983



  1. At the fall board meeting the board shall determine if, each Section shall remit to the District Treasurer 50 cents per Section member to partially defray travel expenses of the District 3 Director.  This determination shall be done based on the proposed budget for the following year.  Section member count shall be as of July 1 of each year and shall include regular, technical affiliate, and commercial affiliate members and shall exclude student affiliate members. 

Approved:        March 25, 1983
Amended:         April 4, 1986
Amended:         June 6, 1986
Amended:         March 23, 1990
Amended:         January 30, 2004


  1. District Director Travel
    1. Section Meeting

The District Director shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred while attending Section meetings, in the District, other than Sections of which he/she is a member.  Expenses reimbursed shall be according to Financial Policy 7.

    1. International Board of Direction Meetings

The District shall budget annually a reasonable sum per International Board Meeting toward the transportation, room and meal expenses of the District Director for attending regular scheduled International Board of Direction meetings of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  An itemized account of expenses will be furnished to the District Treasurer for payment.  Policy No. 7 does not apply to this paragraph.

    1. Annual I.T.E. Meeting

The District shall budget annually a reasonable sum to reimburse the District Director for expenses relative to attending the International Board Meeting at the annual I.T.E. meeting.  Reimbursable expenses will only include those which are in addition to normal expenses for attending the International Annual Meeting such as additional lodging, meals, taxi or parking expenses involved with early (or extended) time at the meeting site necessitated by attendance at International Board activities.  An itemized account of expenses will be furnished to the District Treasurer for payment.  Policy No. 7 does not apply to this paragraph.

  1. District Board and Committee Members Travel
    1. The District, upon authorization of the Director and District Board, shall reimburse Members of the District Board of Directors and Committee members for reasonable expenses incurred in attending District Board and Committee meetings.  Expenses reimbursed shall be according to Financial Policy 7.  When the District Board meeting is held in conjunction with a scheduled District or Section meeting, the only eligible expense claims shall be for extra costs incurred by the Board member necessitated by attendance at the Board Meeting.
  2. District Administrator Expenses
    1. Travel and other expenses incurred by the District Administrator shall provided as an annual compensation of up to $750, to be paid upon by approval of the Chairman.
  3. Other Committee Expenses
    1. The District shall reimburse members of District Committees designated by the District Director for costs of mailings and postage, upon submittal of appropriate receipts.

Approved:        March 25, 1984
Revised:           October 11, 1984, June 6, 1986, June 21, 1991
Amended:         November 28, 2011


  1. Expenses reimbursed by District 3 for Board Members shall cover only non-reimbursement travel costs at the current IRS Standard Mileage Rate per mile and a daily allowance of $100 to include room and meals.  Alcohol expenses shall not be included.  Reimbursement shall not exceed expenses.  The District Treasurer shall notify all District Board and Committee members of the current IRS Mileage Rate.
  2. The first and second place winners of the District Student Paper competition may be reimbursed at the current IRS Standard Mileage rate per mile plus one night lodging at the conference hotel (or one of lesser expense) to attend the District Annual Meeting.
  3. An accounting of all expenses shall be furnished to the District Treasurer for review, approval and payment.

Approved:        June 7, 1985 (Effective October 1, 1985)
Amended:         October 18, 1990 (Effective January 1, 1991)
Amended:         March 19, 1993 (Effective March 19, 1993)
Amended:         April 25, 1997 (Effective April 25, 1997)
Amended          January 31, 2004


  1. The Audit Committee shall conduct an annual audit of the District 3 financial records at the conclusion of the year for which the Committee serves.
  2. The outgoing District Treasurer shall prepare a complete end-of-the-year report including beginning and ending balances in all District accounts.  Copies of this report shall be forwarded to the Audit Committee members and to the District Director no later than January 15th.
  3. The outgoing District Treasurer shall also forward all pertinent financial records to the Audit Committee Chairman no later than January 15th of the year following the Treasurer’s term of service.  The financial records so forwarded shall include, as a minimum, all checking and savings account passbooks and/or certificates, bank statements, deposit receipts, cancelled checks, invoices (or other documentation) for all checks written and other records which explain the various financial transactions of the District during the year being audited.  The outgoing Treasurer shall also provide the Audit Committee with a copy of all District policies related to the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the District Director, the District Board and District Committee members, during the audit year.
  4. The outgoing District Treasurer shall organize and update all financial records prior to submitting them to the Audit Committee.  Interest on all interest bearing accounts shall be updated through December 31st of the year being audited.
  5. The Audit Committee Chairman shall prepare a written report of the findings of the audit with specific mention given to any irregularities in the financial records.  The report shall be forwarded to the District Chairman with copies provided to the outgoing and incoming District Treasurers.  The completion of the audit, the preparation of the Audit Report and the transferral of the District financial records to the incoming District Treasurer shall be completed no later than January 31st of the year following the audited year.  The completed Audit Report and Treasurer Records shall be forwarded to the District Administrator.

Approved:        October 6, 1983
Amended:         November 28, 2011



  1. The District shall award $1000 and $500 to the first and second place District Student paper winners, respectively.
  2. The District shall award the student chapter which wins the District student chapter activities award up to $1000 for students to defray cost of students to attend the Annual International meeting or other training activities as approved by the District Director.
  3. The District shall award up to $1,500 to the student team which wins the District Collegiate Traffic Bowl, to defray cost of students to attend the International Traffic Bowl Competition at the Annual International Meeting. 
  4. The board shall consider contributing to each section’s educational fund based on the budget surplus at the end of the previous fiscal year. 


Approved:       January 30, 2004
Amended:       November 28, 2011

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