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Institute of Transportation Engineers



ITE has recognized recipients of the Student Paper Award since 1976.  The purpose of this competition is to encourage student members of ITE to conduct and report on independent and original research and investigation of traffic or transportation engineering subjects and to provide a means for recognizing outstanding accomplishment in this area.  All student members of ITE are invited to submit a written paper on a transportation engineering issue for consideration in the Student Paper Award Competition.


This award is named to honor Daniel B. Fambro, professor at Texas A&M University and Associate Research Engineer at the Texas Transportation Institute.  Daniel Fambro died in 1999 at the age of 48.  In honoring Dan, ITE recognizes his exemplary service to ITE and his dedication to his students and his profession.



           To be eligible for the Student Paper Award, a candidate must have been a student member of ITE between April 1st of the prior year and March 31st of the current year.

           The candidate must have completed work providing a basis for the paper while a student member of ITE.



           An electronic copy of the original student paper must be received by the District Student Paper Coordinator on or before April 1st.

           All submitted materials must be formatted in Adobe Acrobat®.

           Papers must be submitted directly to the District Student Paper Coordinator.



           Papers must address a transportation engineering subject.

           Paper must have only one student author; advisors may be listed.

           All materials must be submitted in English.

           Papers must be typewritten, double spaced, on standard 8 ½” x 11” form.

           Maximum length for the paper is 5,000 words.

           Papers must include a table of contents and title page showing the title of the paper, the author’s name and address, the ITE District name, and the mailing address and phone number where the author may be contacted between June 1st and July 1st of the current year.



           Originality  -  20 %

           Significance  -  20 %

           Scope and Format  -  20 %

           Validity  -  20 %

           Applicability  -  20 %



           Scholarship cash awards of $1000 and $500 to the first and second place authors.

           Recognition at the Annual ITE District Meeting.

           First place papers will be forwarded to the International ITE for consideration in the national competition.



Any questions regarding the Daniel B. Fambro Student Paper Award Competition may be directed to either of the following:


Ryan Overton

District Student Paper Coordinator




Eunice Chege Thoya

ITE International


Phone: 202-785-0060 ext. 145  ext. 138



A list of all District Student Paper Coordinators may be found at:



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University of Cincinnati.

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