2010 Annual Meeting

Photos from the 2010 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC including the Traffic Bowl Competition

At Honorees Dinner left to right Colleen Hill (Michigan Section President), Hardik Shah (Indiana Section Secretary), and Director Dave Samuelson.
Hardik Shah and Dave Samuelson with Opening Session Speaker- Canadian Olympic Speed Skating Champion Catriona LeMay Doan.
Indiana Section members Enjoying Lunch-left to right Hardik Shah, Erica Johnson, Mrs and Mr Tony Jones.
Street Hockey-Canadian District fundraiser
Tony Jones (District Administrator) and Hardik Shah at the Conference.
An Inukshuk on Whistler Mt.
First International Traffic Bowl Competition.
International Traffic Bowl teams and some of their advisors.
Left to right Hardik Shah, Purdue team Sam Leckrone, Scott Sandstrom, Mike Barbier, and Erica Johnson (Indiana Sec President).
In the “Green Room” Before the Competition.
Traffic Bowl Teams
Traffic Bowl Judge Robert Wunderlich ‘disguised’ as a killer whale.
Preliminary Round-left to right Purdue, U-Mass Amherst, Univ of Florida